• Finding Clarity around your life dreams and goals
  • Discovering the Courage to overcome obstacles
  • Taking that first step that vaults you into action and Creativity

If this is where you want to go, then Carla Beach is your life coach!

Life Coaching

Think of Life Coaching as a way to develop new tools for your Life Kit Toolbox.

We all have had those periods when we’re stuck in a perspective and need a nudge.   We’re ready for change but not sure how to get there.  We need new tools to help us move forward again.

Life Coaching with Carla will help you develop new tools to find answers to the Three Whats:

  • What it is that you really want?
  • What are the obstacles holding you back?
  • What are the first steps you can take to move you forward?
CBeach Coaching - Carla Beach Life Coaching - Life Coaching Toolbox

Life coaching will take you on a journey of self-discovery and prepare you to make dynamic change happen in your life.  Try it out and see how it works for you.

You can try Focused Life Coaching, a three-week program of weekly 1-hour sessions that can help you shift from the feeling of being stuck to ready to make your desired change happen.  Focused Life Coaching is affordable at $275 for three sessions.

“Carla has the depth, experience and joy to get you to each illumination.  She is the best ‘speed dating’ life coach!  So fast, so fun, so deep.  Thank you.”

Need more time?

Many Change Journeys last longer.  More time allows for deeper learning as you forward the action in your life.  It gives you the opportunity to develop more tools for your toolbox.  Additional coaching sessions are available at hourly or monthly rates.

“Wonderful!  Simply wonderful!  She is a great life coach that inspired me to live from a place of faith rather than fear.  I’m feeling empowered and in charge of the direction I need to take.  It allowed me to feel creative again.”

Carla is a superb coach.  She is very perceptive and knowledgeable and encourages growth in a gentle and persistent way.  Her coaching affirms and strengthens my understanding of who I am and helps to celebrate that awareness.

Health Crisis Coaching

The diagnosis of a life-altering illness can be scary, overwhelming, confusing.  Your life has changed irrevocably. The path you thought you were on has shifted dramatically.  You might feel as if you are now living in an alternate reality, one you didn’t know existed.  One filled with doctor’s visits, support groups and medical equipment stores.  This isn’t where you thought your life was going to take you.

What do you do now? 

CBeach Coaching - Carla Beach Life Coaching - Health Crisis Coaching

Carla Beach draws on her own life experiences as a cancer patient – and the spouse of a cancer patient – to stand with you in those scary, overwhelming places.  She offers comfort and strength as you navigate your new world.  And she helps you find a path forward into your new reality.

Carla’s loving and insightful help allowed me to move past some long-standing blocks and gave me wonderful tools.  It helped me move past some of the fears and negative thinking that may have caused my illness.

Grief Coaching

Suffering the loss of a loved one tears a jagged hole in your life.  The grief is overwhelming.  We don’t know what to do and wonder if we will ever feel whole again.  Grief hits in waves and leaves us feeling broken beyond words.

Then there are those other losses.  Losing a job which may also lead to loss of the identity that the job provided.  The loss of a relationship and the comfort and security that was found there.  Moving to a new community which may mean leaving friends and family behind.  The ambiguous losses of dreams due to unexpected changes in life circumstances.

CBeach Coaching - Carla Beach Life Coaching - Life Coach Loss & Grief

Now in this time of Covid-19, we may feel consumed by sadness and disbelief, loss and grief.  The world had changed and we wonder if it will ever be the same again.

As we navigate our losses, we may need a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on or a safe space in which to try to get our heads around our new reality.

Grief Coaching can help.  Carla Beach will stand by you on your grief journey.  She understands that you never “get over” that loss.  You learn to live with it.  You find new ways to deal with anniversaries and birthdays, holidays and heartache.  And eventually you heal.

Carla gifted me with truly useful tools to look at my grief and loss from new perspectives.  Her spirit is both gregarious and gentle, probing and supportive.  I felt heard, encouraged and valuable.    I now have new tools, new perspectives, new calmness, new sense of grounding, peace and capacity to move forward with success.  The world is better off with her and her gifts in it.

Inspirational/Motivational Workshops

Inspirational/Motivational Workshops

Carla offers a variety of workshops that are appropriate as team-building events, faith-based retreats or personal growth journeys.  She also collaborates with clients to develop a unique workshop experience that is best suited to the needs of the team or audience.  Examples of her workshops include:

CBeach Coaching Carla Beach Life Coach

Pricing Available Upon Request! To inquire about Inspirational/Motivational Workshops, please contact Carla at 858-414-2483.

Carla is a pro at creating a safe, warm & fun environment to learn and explore our possibilities.  She was wonderful about going with the flow of what came up in the group and still bringing us back to the plan/workbook.

Meet & Greet

Finding the right coach can be just like finding the right doctor.  You look for a connection, a sense of being seen and heard. You want a sympathetic listener, but also someone who will hold you to account and help you discover the answers and direction you are looking for.

A Meet and Greet phone call will introduce you to Carla Beach and let you get to know her as she also learns a bit about you.  If it feels right to you, then you can decide how you want to proceed.

Meet & Greet Complimentary initial 30-minute phone call to determine if coaching is a good fit for you. FREE! To schedule your sessions, please contact Carla at 858-414-2483.

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