• Finding Clarity around your life dreams and goals
  • Discovering the Courage to overcome obstacles
  • Taking that first step that vaults you into action and Creativity

If this is where you want to go, then Carla Beach is your life coach!


Creating Clarity         

This workshop is very closely based on the principles I use in my coaching practice.  Throughout the process, I look for the answers to the Three Whats:  What do you want?  What holds you back?  And What can you do now ? There’s deep exploration in finding the answers to those questions, and great joy in the outcome.

Creating Clarity is a workshop that helps us:

  • Reconnect with the dreams that give us wings
  • Claim the courage to overcome obstacles
  • Envision where we’re going now
CBeach Coaching - Carla Beach Life Coaching Workshops - Creating Clarity

Come prepared to play, dream and step into action.

Once Upon a Time – Rewriting the Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves

We all have stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves.  This workshop explores those stories, determines the source of those stories, and helps us rewrite them into the Hero’s Journey that reflects who we are when we are being our biggest best selves in the world.

Once Upon a Time is a workshop that helps us:

  • Recognize the voice of our internal Saboteur
  • Remember the times when we have been most courageous in our lives
  • Tap into that courage to rewrite our story going forward
CBeach Coaching Carla Beach Life Coaching Once Upon a Time Rewriting the Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves

Creating Clarity Participant Comment:

“It was informational, and I feel that it brought my co-workers and me closer together.”

Creating Clarity Participant Comment:

“I enjoyed the safe place to be open and honest and genuine.”

Creating Clarity Participant Comment:

“Powerful bonding experience for a team.”

Once Upon a Time Participant Comment:

“The most powerful thing was learning about others and how they’ve taken a stand to make a difference.”


Coping with Transitions and Loss

In “normal” times we often fail to recognize how transitions lead to various types of loss and grief. This has been amplified in this time of Covid-19.

First, we learn to recognize how changes in the workplace, in our communities and in the world at large impact us.  This allows us to develop deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us, creating better interactions between individuals and within teams.

CBeach Coaching - Carla Beach Life Coaching - Life Coach Loss & Grief

This workshop helps us:

  • Define the real-life events of Transition, Loss and Grief
  • Explore in depth:
    • Loss of Identity
    • Loss of Dreams
    • Ambiguous Loss
    • Disenfranchised Grief
  • Develop plans for healing and growth

Loss & Grief Participant Comment:

“It was informational, and I feel that it brought my co-workers and me closer together.”

Loss & Grief Participant Comment:

“It’s a great way to acknowledge grief in your own life.”

Loss & Grief Participant Comment:

“It was a very vulnerable yet empowering team-building experience.”



The REAL Lady Godiva – A Spiritual Retreat

Come along for the ride and learn about the woman of history and legend.  As the workshop unfolds you will be asked to:

  • Recognize someone whose good works –similar to those of Lady Godiva’s—had a positive impact on you.
  • From that place of recognition and gratitude you will Envision what it is that God is calling you to do with your unique gifts and talents.
  • With that vision firmly in mind you will create an Action plan.
  • And finally, you will learn what it means to Leave a Legacy.
CBeach Coaching Carla Beach Life Coaching REAL Lady Godiva Faith-Based Retreats

Recognize ● Envision ● Activate ● Leave a Legacy   That’s the REAL Lady Godiva Workshop.

Faith-Based Retreat Participant Comment:

“WOW!  What an amazing God-inspired day! …Attend at any opportunity. Bring tissues and an open heart!” -LeAnne

Faith-Based Retreat Participant Comment:

“Well done!  I’m amazed at how open people were and how inspired I feel.…
Excellent connection between gratitude and vision—that’s a powerful and helpful insight.”   -Jana

Faith-Based Retreat Participant Comment:

“The workshop was much more in-depth than I expected – a good thing!”  -Judith



Permission to Play

As a coach I find that when there’s something really scary for a client, or there’s a wall that we come up against, I invite them to play.  When I invite them to play, magical things can happen.  When they’re playing the pressure’s off.  There are no right or wrong answers.  They get to use their imagination and anything’s possible.

Imagine a workplace where employees have permission to play.  There’s lots of research to show that laughter, fun and games can increase creativity, empathy, health and productivity.

CBeach Coaching Carla Beach Life Coaching Workshop Renewing the Workpace

Permission to Play is a workplace workshop that:

  • Reduces stress through laughter
  • Invites team building through collaboration
  • Develops a blueprint for a fun, healthy place to work

Renewing the Workplace Participant Comment

“Thank you for having areas where I had to step outside of my comfort.  I was nervous but still had a sense of ability to be open.”


Whether you are experienced with horses or have never set foot in a barn, these workshops will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.  The workshops are held at  Essence of Equus  horse farm located northwest of the Twin Cities in Rogers, MN and are led by Carla and Wendy De Camp.

Wendy is a horse trainer, riding instructor, coach and leader of equine-guided workshops.  She and Carla develop custom workshops or retreats for small groups.  An example is:

REAL Lady Godiva Journeys

Building upon Carla’s REAL Lady Godiva workshop, participants will spend the day in the barn and will have the opportunity to be with the horses throughout the day.  One-on-one time with horses will help each person overcome obstacles and draw on their strength and courage to create the legacy they want to leave.

CBeach Coaching Carla Beach Life Coach Equine-Guided Workshops

Equine-Guided Workshops Participant Comment

“I loved being in the barn, in the country, with the animals.  The open air felt amazing.
The feeling of not being ‘closed in’ added to the ability for expanding awareness.” – Cindy

Equine-Guided Workshops Participant Comment

“Carla and Wendy have incredible synergy that wonderfully facilitates these journeys.”  – Bich Thuy

Equine-Guided Workshops Participant Comment

“I really liked the weaving in of the horses.” - Mary


Equine-Guided Workshops Participant Comment

“Be ready to be very self-reflective.  Great workshop if you need a push the next level.” - Serena


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