• Finding Clarity around your life dreams and goals
  • Discovering the Courage to overcome obstacles
  • Taking that first step that vaults you into action and Creativity

If this is where you want to go, then Carla Beach is your life coach!

Live Life with Clarity, Courage and Creativity

What does it mean to live life with Clarity, Courage and Creativity?  For me, it’s been a progression, a journey.

It began in 2008 – the year the world came crashing down.  My life was a little crazy.  My husband was undergoing cancer treatments and his company was going out of business.  My mother-in-law came for a holiday visit and what she thought was a rash turned out to be a form of cancer. She stayed with us for nearly a year while she underwent treatment.  In February 2009, I was diagnosed with lymphoma and went through months of chemo.  One saving grace for me was the coaching training that I was taking throughout this period.  I not only learned how to be a coach, I learned what it was like to be coached through difficult circumstances.  My mantra during that time was to live with Clarity, Courage and Calm.

CBeach Coaching - Live Life with Clarity, Courage & Creativity

It took a few years for life to become “normal” again.  In 2014, my husband and I moved to the Twin Cities area and slowly I achieved the Calm that I longed for.  Then Creativity began to bloom.  I learned that it’s not enough to be calm and still in the midst of chaos, we also have to move forward, create our new reality, become our biggest, best selves in the world.  That’s what I believe we are all called to do.  To use our inherent talents and skills in a manner that is in alignment with who we are meant to be.  That’s where Clarity, Courage and Creativity come in.

CBeach Coaching - Live Life with Clarity

Clarity in this context is creating a clear answer for the question:  What do you want? Another way to phrase it is:  What do you want to be when you grow up?  I often ask clients to think back to when they were 8, 9, 10-years old and an adult asked them that question.  At that age, my youngest daughter would confidently answer that she wanted to be an astronaut and horse trainer.  And she saw no reason to believe that she couldn’t be/do both.  However, a few years later she was imprinted by her 10th grade English teacher and then she knew that’s what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Unlike many of us, she followed that North Star until she achieved her goal and became a 10th grade English teacher!

Here’s why it’s important to be able to answer the What Do You Want question:  It gives you a clear picture of where you want to go.  Because if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.

Courage takes many forms.  It’s not necessarily the “running into a burning building” kind of thing, although we all have had those kinds of moments in life.  In this case, it’s about answering the question:  What holds you back?  Once we set aside limitations of time, money or physical abilities, the answer to that question is often ourselves.  It’s the voice in our heads that tells us that we’ll never achieve that goal because we’re not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, thin enough…  You get the idea.  Our internal saboteur is often our greatest enemy.

The key to this kind of courage is learning to quell that saboteur voice and move forward toward your big, beautiful dream of what you want to do with your life.

CBeach Coaching - Live Life with Courage
CBeach Coaching - Live Life with Creativity

Creativity is where the magic happens.  We are all creative beings.  We’re born that way.  As children we created imaginary worlds with our toys or out in the world with nature.  As adults we express our creativity in the way we dress, the environments we create in our homes, the food we cook and even in the way we juggle our finances.  We’re creative in our daily lives simply by the energy we bring to our everyday interactions with other people.

As we step into a life that is lived with Clarity, Courage and Creativity we need to answer the question:  What can you do now?  What is the one small thing that you can do now that will put you into action toward your big, beautiful dream?

A client who always wanted to be an artist took one small step by buying a sketch pad and some pencils.  Eventually she created a corner in her house that she used as her studio and began creating the art she always dreamed of.  Another client wanted to move to a new house, but the task of de-cluttering his current home was too overwhelming.  He began by buying three moving boxes and filling them with the books, records and mementos that he wanted to keep. Next, he agreed to fill three garbage bags with the items he wanted to discard or donate.  It’s still a work in progress, but with each small step he’s coming closer to achieving his goal.

Perhaps you are still needing to create Calm in your life.  I understand.  It’s a progression, a journey.  However, no matter where you are in your life, I invite you to consider what it might be like to live it with Clarity, Courage and Creativity.

“Carla is a superb coach. She is very perceptive and knowledgeable and encourages growth in a gentle and persistent way. Her coaching affirms and strengthens my understanding of who I am and helps to celebrate that awareness.”

“Carla’s loving and insightful help allowed me to move past some long-standing blocks and gave me wonderful tools. It helped me move past some of the fears and negative thinking that may have caused my illness.”

“Carla gifted me with truly useful tools to look at my grief and loss from new perspectives. Her spirit is both gregarious and gentle, probing and supportive. I felt heard, encouraged and valuable. I now have new tools, new perspectives, new calmness, new sense of grounding, peace and capacity to move forward with success. The world is better off with her and her gifts in it.”

“Carla is a pro at creating a safe, warm & fun environment to learn and explore our possibilities. She was wonderful about going with the flow of what came up in the group and still bringing us back to the plan/workbook.”

CBeach Coaching Services

Whether coaching in a business environment, in faith communities or working with individuals facing life transitions, Carla brings compassion and accountability to each coaching relationship.

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Life Coaching

At a crossroads in life because of career, marriage, or family

Health Crisis Coaching

Sudden change in health, diagnosis of a chronic terminal illness

Grief Coaching

Mourning the recent loss of a family member or loved one


Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Workshops and other events

Then Carla Beach has the solution for you!

She’s fearless when helping others face their dark times.  She listens deeply, points towards possibilities, acknowledges actions, and humbly honors the trust and confidence placed in her by her clients.

Carla's Background

Carla trained and became certified as a Life Coach through Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in 2008-2009.  She first worked as an Internal Coach for a large wealth management company while she developed her own private practice, initially focusing on women entrepreneurs.

Carla is an engaging speaker and facilitator.  In 2010, she began developing inspirational workshops (such as The REAL Lady Godiva) that help people connect with their hearts’ desire and move forward in their lives, no matter the obstacles.

Carla Beach, Life Coach - CBeach Coaching

Carla has a passion for non-profit work and community activism.  She has built successful community coalitions in the various places she’s lived across the country, focusing on issues such as environmental awareness and recycling, parenting and youth development.  She now brings her passion for personal development and healing to her coaching clients and the workshops she leads.

Upon moving to Minneapolis in 2014, she began pro-bono coaching for Pathways, a Minneapolis non-profit that serves people facing health crises.  That same year she became a coach/facilitator for the Southwest Greif Coalition, offering support and encouragement to those mourning the loss of a loved one.  Helping others through such life-shattering experiences is where Carla shines.  Her empathy and compassion create safe places for her clients to work through their life challenges.

Carla’s own life experiences inform her work as a coach and presenter.  She’s faced cancer as both patient and care giver. She’s been married, divorced and remarried (36 years and counting), raised three daughters and now dotes on her two granddaughters.  She’s moved cross-country multiple times and learned how to create community wherever she lands.  She’s suffered deep losses and knows how healing takes its own time. 

As a coach and facilitator, Carla is fearless and willing to stand with her clients through dark, scary times.  She is also a cheerleader and champion for her clients’ successes on their journeys.  Please reach out to her if you think she can help you on your life journey.

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